Why Buy From Us?

Best Value. Quality speaks for itself. You will see that our hot tub and spa covers are the best in the business. 

  1. Most of our competitor’s “upgrades” are standard features on our spa covers. We offer Hinge Seals at ends, heavy duty reinforced windstraps (tie downs) and 5 mil vapor barriers are STANDARD on our covers. Most companies charge up to $100 for these upgrades. You don’t have to pay more to receive the best quality.  If you compare our standard features with their “upgrades” you will find that our cover is still less expensive.

The Fastest Turnaround time, guaranteed.

  • We are the manufacturer! That means we can ship your cover quicker for Expedited orders*n we can ship your new cover in as little as 14 Business days.  
  • Standard production: 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 weeks until a brand new cover ships out from our factory.

On the Outside: Enduratex 30oz UV Resistant Marine Vinyl.

  • A good vinyl cover will effectively withstand the harmful effects from exposure to the elements such as sun, snow, rain and ice, as well as contact with chemicals. Available in 15 colors this marine grade vinyl has UV stabilized pigments and is mildew treated during manufacturing. The vinyl has also been cold crack tested at -20°.

Solid Laminate Under liner – not mesh

  • Having the underside of your spa cover constantly exposed to heat, steam and chemicals will lead to a fast breakdown of your vapor barrier ultimately making your cover very heavy (water logged). Our under liner is solid laminate for added protection.

Reinforced and recessed handles

  • After a few uses black nylon webbed handles will pull off adding not only excess strain to your cover but also a big hole where the handle used to be. Your new cover will come with two reinforced and recessed handles that perfectly match your spa cover color.

Reinforced stitching at all “high stress” areas

  • Your spa cover is not only double stitched using UV resistant Test #90 Marine Thread but each high stress area is reinforced at least 4 times with extra stitching. This includes the hinge, skirt ties and handles.

4 Heavy duty locking tie down straps including replacement hardware

  • All covers come with an ASTM recommended 4 heavy-duty tie down straps. The tie downs are reinforced and come with locking clips, keys and new mounting hardware.

Extra Thick Full Length Steam Stopper +$24.99

  • When your spa cover hinge is not fully insulated not only do you lose heat but your pump and your heater run excessively and unnecessarily.  Designed to help your tub run more efficiently, the Full Length Steam Stopper option is an additional piece of Styrofoam wrapped in the same vapor barrier and vinyl as the cover. The Full Length Steam Stopper runs the entire length of the hinge to help keep the heat from escaping at the fold.

On the Inside

  • Tapered Virgin EPS Styrofoam inserts. All foam inserts are tapered using closed cell “virgin” or pure Styrofoam -not reground or recycled. This means that the foam inserts were made to order and are specifically designed for hot tub and spa covers.  This ensures your cover has the highest insulating factor and strength possible. For superior strength and the best insulation, consider upgrading to the 2lb High Density foam!

Galvanized “C” channel for added center support

  • The foam inserts are supported by 22-gauge galvanized C-channels inserted at the hinge. The C-channels help prevent sagging and give added strength at the hinge.

Heat Sealed 6 mil laminated polyethylene vapor barrier

  • All foam inserts are wrapped and heat sealed with a 6 mil laminated polyethylene plastic. This extra thick vapor barrier protects the most vulnerable part of your spa cover from prolonged heat and chemical exposure. Add the double wrapped vapor barrier for even more protection!

Customizable skirt length up to 6” for additional weather protection

5 year “Bumper to Bumper” warranty

Exceeds ASTM safety certification requirements

Thousands of Satisfied Customers