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Our Premium hard hot tub cover comes with:  

  • Virgin EPS Styrofoam Inserts 
  • Breathable Chemical Resistant Thick Underliner 
  • Two Premium Heavy Duty Handles 
  • Standard Steam Stoppers Up-gradable to Full Length 
  • Any Size Skirt Length 
  • Available in 15 Colors 
  • Marine Grade Vinyl with Mildew and UV Inhibitors 
  • Heavy Duty Steel Channeling for extra strength 
  • Excellent R-Value 
  • Up to 5 Year Warranty 
  • Highest Quality Thread - Covers are double stitched for durability 
  • Expert Top Stitching 
  • 3 Foam Thickness Available 
  • 3 Foam Densities Available 
  • UL Approved 
  • Thick Vapor Barrier 10 Mil Thick 
  • All spa covers come with lock down straps and new hardware
  • FREE  Double Wrapped Inserts ($35 dollar value)
  • FREE Quick Nationwide Shipping 

 *Measurements are based from a template. We suggest you measure and verify the size of your spa, even if you select a specific model out of our database to ensure a proper fit. Feel free to modify the dimensions if needed.

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  • $338.00

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